Roman Research

3ML are learning about historians and how they are extremely knowledgeable about the past. We talked about how they use lots of different sources to piece together information about historical events and times.

Today we are looking at lots of different types of sources to research. We are each researching different topics; Roman clothes, houses, jobs and how they kept clean! We are looking through lots of books and websites and taking notes.




🕋⛩🕋 The Great Wall of Rosendale 🕋⛩🕋

First made by the Zhao Kings then connected by  Qin Shihuang, extended in the Han Dynasty then taken over by Mongols before being strengthened and ‘beautified’ during the Ming Dynasty into what we see today, the Great Wall of China has been an amazing and interesting subject to learn about in our One World Project.

While it may not have over 70,000 visitors or be 2,300 years old, we think the Great Wall of Rosendale compares pretty well to the one in China.

3ML joined forces with 3EC to divide the playground with our very own border wall. It may not be used for defence but we even had watchtowers and fortresses to house our wall climbing, adventuring Lego men.