🗓 Weekly Round-up 🗓

This week we have been continuing to learn about angles, focusing on right angles. In our maths lessons we have been using right angle checkers to see what shapes have right angles in them. We started with paper ones but we realised using tracing paper was much easier to see whether the lines of a shape on a worksheet made a right angle or not.

We have now moved on to thinking about parallel and perpendicular lines:


In literacy, we have been learning about adventure stories. The children did their cold task, writing an adventure story without many prompts from Miss Lanser. Then they were read ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’. Check out the previous post for our short dramatization of the story.

Next week, we will be really looking at the ‘ingredients’ that go into making a good adventure story.

We have been loving French this term so have been listening to our french songs whenever we get a chance! Links for the months and days are here. Also remember you can login to linguascope at home for fun french games.

In art today we started painting sunbursts with watercolour paints. They look very beautiful and should be all finished shortly.

Have great weekends and enjoy the camping if you are going!


📻 📰 📹 Media Week 2017 📷 📡 💻

Next week will be our second Rosendale Media Week. The theme this year is “Bringing stories to life”, and the children will be creating articles for the school magazine and multimedia content themed around the books in Rosendale Book Club.

We will be looking at how stories are brought to life using different media, such as animation, film and digital art.

In our class we will be using an app on the ipad called brushes to draw scenes from an adventure story.

You can follow the action on twitter by searching for #rosendalemediaweek17
The school magazine, Rosendale Voice, will be out at the end of the summer term. It will be jam packed with lots of fabulous writing and art, as well as links to all the multimedia content we make next week.

🔬 💥 Science Week Fun 💥 🔬

Last week was British Science Week and in 3ML we had whole lot of fun.

• We tried out some very cool chemistry  with bubbles, lava lamps and fizzy things •

• Got super sticky with some teetering, physics defying, spaghetti architecture •

• Watched in amazement as a rocket scientist blew our minds with science •


• Dressed as some quite authentic Einsteins on dress up day •



Information needed 🌏 One World Project


As part of our One World Project, we are looking at the movement of humans across the globe. To assist us with our lesson tomorrow, it would helpful be if you could speak with your child this evening about where your family has come from. This could be where your immediate family has come from or where previous generations have emigrated from. We will then use this information during our lesson tomorrow.

The year 3 team.

World Book Day Madness!

What a fantastic World Book Day! 


Characters from all types of fiction and non bustled through our doors this morning, in place of our usual year 3 students. There was a tea party, a parade, some mannequins, a very impressive class-made book cover and of course lots and lots of reading.

Check in over the next few days for all the pictures of our exciting World Book Day.


📖 World Book Day 📖 – Dress Up

World Book Day is this Thursday 2nd March and everyone is invited to come into school dressed as a book character.
Remember to bring in a coin in return for dressing up.
I’m positive Mr Murphy’s costume will be inspiring! 😉
Find your inspiration here ↓
38 budget-beating creative-costume ideas from Book Aid International