Weekly Round-Up

What a fun filled Media Week in 3ML! We were lucky enough to be visited by two people from Disney Channel. We learnt all about making TV shows, how animations are made and tried our illustrative skills on the iPads. FUN FACT: Disney films, like Toy Story 3, are translated into 43 different languages 😱.

In Maths, we’ve carried on our learning about lines this week to include horizontal and vertical. We now know parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical. Perpendicular seem to be the tricky ones! These are lines that meet to make a right angle.

In literacy, we have been planning our own adventure story. The children had to draw a version of their plan and then put into a more formal template. We’ve been exploring dramatic sentence starters and how and why we make paragraphs. We learnt that we need a new paragraph when there the time has changed, we are in a new place, a new topic has been introduced and a new person. By person, we also mean that a new person has started speaking.

Next week, we will start writing our own adventure story using our plans to help us.

We are all looking forward to the trip to the Museum of London on Monday. Children need a rain coat and a packed lunch. We need to make sure we are at school when the gates open on Monday morning so that we dont miss our train!

Have a good weekend.