Weekly Round-up

This week we have been finishing off researching about the Romans for our factual books. We learnt more about adverbs and how they not only describe the verb (how something is being done. For example, she walked slowly across the room) but how they also tell us how often, when and where things happen.

We tried to get these into our writing together with some comparisons between life in the Roman time and life today.

Many Romans used to go to the public baths to keep clean whereas nowadays we have baths in our houses.

Next week we will be finishing off our paragraphs and making neat copies for our book.

Next week in literacy we are going to be thinking about adventure stories. The children will be asked to write one as a cold task. We will then share lots of information about how to write an engaging, gripping story and at the end of the learning they will write another story so we can see the improvement.

In maths, we had a paper to do all about fractions. We have covered so much and we wanted to see what the children had remembered or still needed some help with. It was clear that remembering how to find 1 part (unit fraction) of an amount was difficult and if we canโ€™t do this we canโ€™t find more than 1 part (non-unit fractions)Here are some reminder videos to watch:

We are now moving on to think about shape. We recapped our knowledge of angles and concentrated on turns. The children went to the hall and had to write a series of instructions (an algorithm) for their partner to move around some cones, turning as they went. It was good fun but we soon realised that some of our algorithms needed to be debugged as we made our partner walk the wrong way and miss where we wanted them to go!

We finished of the week by making some surprise ferocious animals which was very enjoyable way to end the afternoon while we listened to the radio show. Here is a link incase making 1 animal wasn’t enough!


Team of the weekย 

Team 4

Runners up –ย Team 2

Radio Shoutouts

Arlo, Raffi, Zach and Dylan R

Have a great weekend!